The day I met ROYALTY.

Some weeks back I told myself, “Enough making excuses about not having enough time, inspiration, time, and not to mention time, to start a blog. You will start that Magical Harkow blog in November, or you will send angry ninjas after yourself.”

Since I have forgotten how to say “I would like to order a half-dozen of angry ninjas” in Japanese, I have decided to cheat by taking the easy way out and starting a blog.

Of course, the hardest part of starting a blog is finding something worthy of a first post–it’s like a first date, you know, impression counts, and you don’t want to show up with figurative bad breath and mismatched socks. I am already pushing it with the mismatched socks, having not had time to do anything with the blog layout.

FORTUNATELY, I happened to have spent half of Sunday in the presence of an Internet Celebrity, and posting about his awesomeness will rescue this blog from whatever shortcomings its author may have.

I am, of course, referring to DUKE ORANGE and his VERY AWESOME DUKE PARTY that was held on the 31st of October, 2010, in the Waterloo office that Duke calls home.


I volunteered to come early to help Duke’s minion to set up for the party. Duke’s minion is a very nice lady called Ami, and when I arrived she immediately set me to help with the goody bags and other cool party things.

This is Ami-Duke’s-Minion. SHE IS AN AWESOME LADY.

The goody bags!


The nekomimi-making team at work.

Yes! I have learned how to make paper nekomimi. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT SKILL THAT I FEEL WILL GREATLY ENHANCE MY ABILITY TO COPE WITH LIFE because cat ears make everything better, really!

There was also a lot of food.


People started arriving early–who wouldn’t want to spend more time in the presence of Duke!–so the room was pretty full of Dukaki by the time the actual party start-time rolled around. I was mostly there to be with the ladies of the AdCrew, but I also ran into many others I knew from work, Twitter, and other places. Duke is a nexus of awesome, so it only makes sense that he draws lots of cool people together! This is not coincidence–this is SCIENCE.

The AdCrew & I (I’m the one in the black ears!)

We mingled, and ate, and played a game where we tried to put together pictures of Duke from the puzzle pieces that were randomly distributed with our goody bags. There was a lot of shouting and waving and “WE NEED ONE MORE PIEEEEEECE, WHO HAS THE LAST PIECE?”

Duke, however, decided that the peasant humans were causing too much excitement, and made a swift retreat into his private fort.

Ami-Duke’s-Minion also made arrangements for Dukaki to donate to help stray kitties! Aside from direct donations, she also auctioned off a VERY LIMITED (read: one-and-only) plushie of Duke with bao, and a Duke picturebook!

Duke and bao!

Duke photobook!

Unfortunately, I left early to go to ukelele practice, so I did not get to find out how much money the combined fiscal power of many Dukaki raised for the stray cats. But I heard it was quite a lot!

And then–FINALLY!–held aloft on his own royal litter, Duke came out to mingle with the Dukaki, who got to practice their paparazzi & sayang-ing skills. A lot.

The Duke and I! (with Sueanne on the left)

For those who were not there to experience the pure marvellous joy of a Duke sayang firsthand, let me attempt to put it into words. It is like touching heaven, if heaven were a soft silky orange pillow. It is like drinking a hot beverage in the morning when it is cold and rainy and your boss has filled your inbox with emails typed out IN! CAPS! LOCK! It is like immersing yourself in a deep, deep ocean full of sunshine and glitter and warm orange happiness.

As lovely lady & AdCrew member Lina so eloquently put it: “I want to LIIIIIIICK Duke. And roll him ALL OVER ME.”

Duke, naturally, basked in all the attention that we collectively lavished upon him. He was very chill about it. “Duke not bothered by many people worship Duke. Is normal day in Duke awesome life!”

Before I left, I took a picture with the welcome sign outside the door.

Apparently a zealous Dukaki took it home before Ami-Duke’s-Minion could take a photo of it! Sadz.

And so that was how I spent my Sunday afternoon. It was good times, with good food, and lots of good company…

…and of course…





Thanks to Ami-Duke’s-Minion, for organizing a marvelous party; all the Dukaki I met, for being lovely wonderful people; and of COURSE His Grace Duke Orange, for just BEING DUKE. Can’t wait for the next Duke Party!

Download larger photos from the Flickr set!

Coming up next: rocking the 80s at Uke Got Talent III at the 15 Minutes Cafe @ LaSalle, and how I wasted all my time practicing the solo riff to Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock N’ Roll…


5 thoughts on “The day I met ROYALTY.

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  2. Well well — I go look at a Duke Orange blog entry, and I find photos with me in them! Truly my time has not been wasted. 😉

    Isn’t Duke lucky to get the first non-Wordpress entry on your blog? Should totally have mentioned that.

    Hiya, Merlin.

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