We love rock & roll!

Several of you who know me also know that I play the ukelele, an instrument started playing by accident when I went to Peninsula Plaza with prospective ukelele buyer Sarah, and ended up getting myself a cheap little instrument (my first). Since then, Sarah has been gunning for me to take part in Ukulele Movement‘s Uke Got Talent nights with her.

When we heard that the third Uke Got Talent had an 80s theme, my immediate reaction was: LET’S DO IT SARAH! WE CAN RICKROLL EVERYBODY!!!

So we signed up together with Valkyrie and chanteuse-in-another-life Joelyn, saying we’d do Never Gonna Give You Up and Joan Jett’s I Love Rock and Roll. Because these are the two songs you’d naturally think of when you think of ukeleles, of course!

Like the two previous Uke Got Talent nights, this one was held at 15 Minutes cafe. Aside from the Valkyries who turned up to support us, there was also my friend Zid, whose blog bears the pithy subtitle “you can take the man out of the 80s, but you can’t take the 80s out of the man.” He had on the most winning ukelele-related t-shirt you can imagine.

I want to be Zid when I grow up because not only is he an AWESOME artist, he also makes kickass music!

Sarah looking fly with her EleUke

Me and my baby Pineapple Matt

The cafe was quite large, but even so it was jam-packed with people here to see the ukelele-ing. We couldn’t even get a table when we got to the door, and had to satisfy ourselves with a spot in the corner on the mezzanine level. As the performances started, the standing-space only floor quickly filled up with spectators. NOOOO PRESSURE REALLY.

We were seventh on the playlist. In between performances they had pop quizzes about music from the 80s, all of which went over my head because I suspect growing up in the 80s might have over-traumatized me, causing me to selectively block all the memories I have of that decade. I think Zid is still sore over them discounting “Lovesong” as a song by The Cure with the word “love” in the title, though!

Then it was time for our performance, and the MOMENT OF TRUTH: had all the practice we’d been through over the past few weeks paid off?

You decide!

Never Going To Give You Up:

I Love Rock And Roll:

No lie, I did have a lot of fun, despite being less-than-proficient at the ukelele (and by “less-than-proficient” I mean “barely able to play two notes in sequence”). A+, would embarrass myself on stage again! When is the next Uke Got Talent, then?


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