Wands out!

In between work and NaNoWriMo, I’ve hardly had the time to blog this past entire week. But never fear! Here I am to rectify the problem by putting the MAGIC into the MAGICAL HARKOW BLOG.

So last Friday I went to check out the special Harry Potter display at put up at Iluma, as part of the publicity for the soon-to-open Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows (Part 1). It was pretty nifty.

They had a bunch of costumes and props on display behind glass, so that itchy-fingered folk like myself don’t go around molesting them. It was a smallish selection of items but still pretty cool nonetheless. The display included the actual set wands used by Harry, Ron & Hermione, so if you ever wanted to see them up close IRL, here’s your chance!

There was also a room devoted to posters & other promotional material, including an introspective of all the Potter movie posters so far. It was a pretty trippy journey down Memory Lane, as I looked at poster after poster and said, “Oh yes, I remember this one, feels like it just came out yesterday,” and then all of a sudden you realize it’d been years and you suddenly feel old.

Especially when you look at the posters for The Philosopher’s Sorcerer’s Stone and go “OMG Daniel Radcliffe is a TINY LITTLE KID” and then you go outside and look at the pictures and he’s now all tall and manly with stubble and shit and it’s like those moments at family reunions when you realize how BIG your baby cousins have suddenly grown and OH GOD IS THIS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO HAVE A QUARTER LIFE CRISIS??

Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, I was actually there at the behest of master instigator Sarah, who wanted fans for the press to interview. A few people had brought costumes and were decked out in them, including (of course!) Sarah as the imitable Luna Lovegood.

We also found out why Luna holds her copy of the Quibbler upsidedown…

It’s really because she’s got trashy magazines secreted inside them. But upsidedown. Somehow.

We also had the cutest little Harry Potter cosplayer ever, seen here with someone’s Monstrous Book of Monsters.

Unfortunately, our dastardly plans to kidnap him and take him home were foiled. Bah humbug!

In the end, however, the reporter ( from Channel 8 ) only interviewed the guy in the Death Eater suit, and then spent the rest of the time jumping on hapless members of the public to ask their opinion of the film franchise. DENIED OUR FIVE SECONDS OF TELEVISION FAME! NUUUUU! But nevermind, we still got tickets to go to the Singaporean premiere of the movie on the 16th, so it wasn’t a complete loss (and yes I will bring my camera to the premiere, so there will be a blogpost).

Plus, it was all worth it just for the part where I got to poke Lina in the chest with my wand and yell “Engorgio! ENGORGIO! Crap, why isn’t it working? Dammit!” *sadface* Pictures of this incident actually exist, but they shall never see the light of day. I DENY EVERYTHING!


2 thoughts on “Wands out!

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  2. hey, could you send me the pictures you took of the props on display, please? Those kind of stuff, never comes around here, so I’d really appreciate if you could send them. Thank you!! :]

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