Getting hairy for Harry Potter.

The story goes: we went to this Potter-linked press event weeks ago, and were rewarded with free tickets to the premiere of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows premiere. We went in cosplay, and here are the very-very-belated photos.

I’m not really going to say very much about the movie. I certainly enjoyed it, but I can’t tell you if it was an accurate adaptation of the book or whatever, since I only ever managed to get halfway through book 7 (and that was over a year ago). I will say, however, that when Harry yelled “Engorgio!” during the movie the entire cosplay section burst into laughter and at least half of them turned to look at me. Then when we emerged from the theater we made jokes about using the charm as an effective attack during battle, involving overpowered wands, certain parts of the body, and changing centers of gravity.

We also saw the trailer for this amazing, AMAZING movie, which is so Relevant To My Interests that it hurts:

Steampunk? Mecha? Hot girls in armor with swords and guns? Dragons & WWI dogfights and burlesque performances? WHY DOES THIS ONLY OPEN NEXT YEAR? (have I already mentioned HOT GIRLS IN ARMOR WITH SWORDS AND GUNS?)

Alright, enough of that. Photos! More after the jump.

I was dressed as a Ravenclaw student. But the cloak, sweatervest, tie and wand weren’t actually mine.

Sueanne as a smoking hot Bellatrix.

We also put on moustaches for Movembergirls, courtesy of Tumblenc.


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