STGCC 2010: photos! & teensy report!

How do you know when you’re an incurable geek? Perhaps one of the signs is when you go to a geek convention and realize that more than half your social circle is also there, and you keep running into people you know every five minutes or so.

The Singapore Toys, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC) was held over the weekend (incidentally, at the same time as ZoukOut, leading to some very interesting disparity on my Twitter feed). Although it lasted from Friday to Sunday, I only managed to make it down on Saturday. And although there was enough epic in that for me, it is clear that I missed out on a lot of awesomeness.

For example, Edward James Olmos was spotted walking around the convention hall on Friday. No, he wasn’t scheduled as a guest there. He was just THERE. Like SURPRISE ADAMA.

Photograph by Dave Chua, who was there on all three days of the con selling his graphic novel Gone Case

(Maybe it was a good thing I could not go to the convention on Friday. If I had run into Mr. Olmos, I might just have expired of a heart attack on the spot.)

Speaking of Dave’s Gone Case, by the way, I bought a copy at the convention and loved it. I loved it so much that I am going to review it in my next post! If you didn’t manage to grab a copy at STGCC, it will be available in bookstores here starting this week, including Kinokuniya, BooksActually etc. Go grab a copy for yourself–I highly reccommend it.

Dave Chua's Gone CaseMy copy of a very excellent graphic novel

BACK TO THE CON. Dearest Seriously Sarah was a helper and moderator at the con and she got to see a lot of the action. She and a section of our Thursday Valkyrie Knights gang got to meet comic hero Gail Simone. There were tears. And there was joy.

Lina, Gail Simone and the books!Lina handing Gail Simone copies of Happiness At The End Of The World and Bubble G.U.M., books by the Happy Smiley Writers Group (also available in bookstores here!)

I missed all the panels, but for those who want to read a summary of what went down, there’s a lovely one on Here Be Geeks, as written by Sarah, who attended a fair number of them.

I shall make it a point to attend more panels/do more things for STGCC next year. This year, I spent far too much time stressing out about cosplaying, because I misguidedly got the idea that cosplaying Trongirl Quorra (a.k.a. “Olivia Wilde’s character”) would be a fantastic idea. I don’t think I will ever try on as many shiny pleather tops as I did during the month of November.

But I think all the hours of trying on skintight suits and pasting eyeblingly reflective laser tape onto lycra paid off. I had fun, even if my costume was not as epic as Sarah’s inspired stint as Starro. Yes. She went dressed as a giant purple starfish with a single eye made out of Styrofoam. Has to be seen to be believed. Pictures under the cut!

Quorra on the couch with the SimpsonsI was gunning for this pose, but Homer Simpson’s butt was taking up too much space on the couch 😦

Quorra vs Mario!

Sueanne and I did a weapons swap

Unfortunately my camera was having issues with the lighting so everything came out blurred 😦

Tokidoki: often the highlight of my STGCCs really! I LOVE TOKIDOKI

This carrybag I bought was seriously the best thing. And only 10 dollars too! ❤

There we go. Not very many pictures I’m afraid, and I really couldn’t get any decent ones of the cosplayers outside the convention hall due to backlighting/really-horrid-flash issues. Time to invest in a bounce flash methinks (that, OR A BETTER LENS.)

Onward to STGCC 2011!


4 thoughts on “STGCC 2010: photos! & teensy report!

  1. Thanks for the link to HBG! Looks like you had a lot of fun in SGTCC. I should have totally said hi to you, I remember that your Quorra outfit was pretty awesome (probably better then the ‘professional’s’ if I do say so myself).

    Hope to see you again sometime!

    • Thanks! And yeah, I’ve seen photos of the hired cosplayers. It looks like whoever put those costumes together didn’t really bother giving more than a passing glance at the movie costume design. Sad, really!

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