1 more year to the Apocalypse!


SO. A new decade it is.

I had a properly geeky New Year’s Eve, spending it at Avariel‘s house with several other Valkyries, taking names kicking ass at Dance Central on her Kinect, obsessively taking photographs of her two adorable, ginormous and ostensibly drooly dogs, playing a self-concocted, very Valkyrie Knights version of Cranium that was just one extended in-joke, and introducing her to Merlin (by way of sketching out a map of character relationships illustrated with Angry Birds, and then tossing her right into Season 2).

I don’t even need to imbibe alcohol to have a good time at a party. That is just how awesome I am.

So, 2011 beckons. And despite not believing that making resolutions works, I shall make a list of personal resolutions for the year anyway.


  1. Finish my novel. This would be The Devil’s Daughter, the novel I started working on during NaNoWriMo last year, and then barely touched once the 3oth of November was past. I am rather fond of this story (and its characters in particular), and I actually know how the thing ends now. That last part is a minor miracle in itself. It would be a real shame if I didn’t finish it. Who knows, I might even shop it around after it’s done and properly edited!
  2. Write & publish more short stories. It is not enough to write them, they must also be good enough that other people will want to read them. This is my writing goal for the year. 5 short stories (or more). Publish at least one (if the gods of fiction be so kind).
  3. Redo my website. And probably blogs. This is going to entail a refresher on CSS, a primer on HTML5, and a crash course on how to use Illustrator properly. Logo! Branding! Design! I want everything I do on the web to look pretty and sparkly! (Note: This may not actually be possible.)
  4. Blog more consistently. Puking up random updates every two weeks or five does not a consistent blogging schedule make. It’s not that I lack things to post– it’s just that I am a lazy, lazy bum when it comes to blogging. This must be rectified.
  5. Get better at the ukelele and the guitar. My neighbours will thank me.
  6. Take part in this/next year’s Sketchbook Project. I signed up for last year’s, got the Moleskine, came up with a grand and lofty plan… which of course meant that the Moleskine is still rotting away somewhere in a dark corner of my room, blank except for the beginnings of mildew stains. This year, I am gonna DRAW.
  7. Get 3 stars on every level of Angry Birds. Which means that none of my other resolutions will actually come into beings. Wahey!

What are your resolutions for 2011?

**Also, about the image: I really, really need to keep myself away from the watercolors. IT RUINS THINGS.


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