New hobby for 2011– fantastically ugly plush felt dolls

Another weekend over! Time, where do you keep going to? Le sigh.

Unfortunately, I did not attend the signing for Gone Case on Saturday, as my brilliant dog somehow managed to injure his paw and wind up with a nail bed infection, so I spent a good deal of Saturday afternoon at the vet. Fun times. I did, however, have enough left of Saturday to go buy myself a corset (for Chinese New Year–seriously), and buy a bunch of supplies for a craft project I’m going to be doing over the next couple of months.

See, I’ve been wanting to make little plush felt dolls for several years now, but just never got off my butt long enough to actually go buy the felt & stuffing and get my hands covered in needle pricks (because I am a Disastrous Klutz like that). Well, 2011 IS THE YEAR apparently. Plus I actually have a project in mind that I want to complete. It’s a gift, so there’s an additional bonus of having a deadline for the project, to boot!

I spent most of Saturday night and Sunday experimenting with the medium. For one thing, I am not terribly good with needlework, and by “not terribly good with” I mean “a complete disaster at”. Seriously, I can barely manage to sew a row of backstitch without having it come out horrendously crooked.Why I decided that doing a project that relies entirely on my skills at sewing a decent blanket stitch was a good idea, I’ll never figure out.

For another, I have never actually worked with felt before. Ever. Trying to pin the slippery little scraps of it into submission was an adventure in itself. In the end, I eventually managed to turn out some horrifically ugly little experiments  (which, admittedly, are kind of cute–but STILL UGLY). On the other hand, I did manage to learn a few valuable things about working with the fabric (such as the fact that the blunt sort of cross-stitch needles are actually a terrible, terrible tool to punch through multiple layers of felt with, for example).

I actually took step-wise photos of the process I used to put together Experiment #3, the deformed babushka doll (like any mad scientist worth their salt I must refer to my creations by experiment number yes). But the photos turned out not-so-good (you try manual-focusing a zoom lens with one hand) so I think I will save the tutorial for the actual project that I will be doing instead.

Here’s to more fun, UGLY stuff in the rest of the year!


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