TRON:Legacy vs Inception — which was better?

In 2010, there were two movies I got very excited about. One of them was, very obviously, Tron:Legacy. The other? Inception.

I’ve been asked which was my favorite movie of the year, and I thought, what better way to illustrate it than in graphical/table format? Hence:

For a larger version, click here.

Also, information on the Bechdel Test for the unknowing.

Feel free to argue this with me.


5 thoughts on “TRON:Legacy vs Inception — which was better?

  1. The graph is pretty sweet. I think it’s fair to say that, while Inception is a better film, the Record of Loudness War trope made Tron:L somewhat more immersive in an escapist way.

    • I do agree that T:L was an escapist film (and it was fun that way!) but I suppose it’s also personal preference– I for one do not like to switch my brain off too much when I go to the movies. Probably the reason why I give most of the summer blockbusters a miss… ha!

      • Agreed. I mean, what you say happened to me with Avatar; being someone with a background in animation I simply refused to see it (Cameron stated there was no actual animation in the film). As for Inception, it’s even cooler when you take into account the theory that every character in the film represents a key player from a film crew (you can guess who’s who) and the fact that it may all just be a dream for Nolan’s homage to filmmaking to play out. As a gamer, Tron is just pure geekgasm!

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