I am on TV!

…or at least, a creation of mine is on TV. WebTV. Or at least, part of a small bit of a phenomenon that has been featured on web TV.

The story is that last December, Sarah and I wrote and recorded a silly little Christmas ukelele song for glorious ball of awesome incarnate Duke Orange. I sang and played the ukelele, Sarah sang backup and played the pianica. Several contributions from other Dukaki, and much magic-making on the part of the sound engineer later, and a Christmas masterpiece was born! So, when the folks from Clicknetwork.TV decided to do a feature bit on Duke, bits of that song ended up on that feature as well! I AM FAMOUS! (Except not really.)

(To be honest, I was so convinced that the song was awful due to my mediocre singing & uke-playing that I could not be persuaded to listen to the finished product until sometime this week. It was not as bad as I feared– the sound engineer really pulled out all the stops on it, and the combined voices of the Dukaki more-or-less drowned out the awful singing and uke-playing. Moral of the story: COMBINED MIGHT OF DUKAKI IS MADE OF PURE AWESOMENESS, NOTHING CAN GET IN THE WAY yes.)

Anyway, what I really wanted to use this post for was an excuse to share some of the photos and video that I took while we were in Duke’s domain recording the song. Yes, Sarah and I got to spend an hour or two with Duke alllllll to ourselves, nya ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And so I present: the wild Duke in his natural habitat.

And here’s a short video of Duke testing to see if Sarah’s camera strap tasted as good as bao does (shot while the sound engineer was working on the raw audio, hence strange background noise). It, apparently, did not hold muster.

Wonder if Sarah washed that strap after Duke had nommed it. I highly suspect not.


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