Plush felt phone charms for V(K)-Day!

So. Valentine’s Day is nearly here, and like it always has been I am without a Valentine this year. But no biggie, because I figured it was even better to make Valentine’s Day presents for some of the ladies in the Valkyrie Knights.

As you know, I started the hobby of making fantastically ugly plush felt dolls this year. So I chanced upon the bright idea of making little plush thingies for the ladies. After a bit of research & shopping at Spotlight I settled on making little phone charms instead.

I spent the entirety of the CNY weekend working on these, variously stitching and covering my fingers with needlepricks while marathoning episodes of Merlin or watching the reruns of the SAME DAMN MOVIES EVERY YEAR at relatives’ houses.

They are, as to be expected, godawfully ugly and deformed and with stitches poking out everywhere. But I think the recipients liked them!

Viki with her Mario mushroom plush, which is apparently now a loyal companion to her Mario figure

Sarah and the plushie version of her block stray, Salem Devon Derrick the Darkfluffington, a.k.a. DiDi for short. This was actually the easiest of the plushes to make because FINALLY A SIMPLE DESIGN WITH NO ADDITIONAL STICKYBITS TO SEW ON. \o/

Lina and her plushie of Duke Orange. NOW SHE CAN LICK HIM (or a representation of him) ALL SHE WANTS! The only felt I could get was a bit too orange for my tastes, but what’s a poor ‘lil consumer to do?

For Avariel, my Lomo enabler, I thought it’d be cute to make her a plush version of the Diana Mini V-day edition. I’M NOT SURE WHY I EVEN THOUGHT IT WAS PLUSHABLE TO BE HONEST. I clearly had not considered that cutting several dozen holes into the blue felt would result in it falling apart when I started to stuff and stitch. And here I was thinking I was being so clever by not sewing tiny pieces of white felt onto a blue backing. CLEARLY NOT.

Jo and her plush Angry Bird. Yes she got a Dulan Jiao from me.

Because the picture didn’t come out quite as I intended, here’s the mugshot I took of it in the morning before I packed it up:

This was actually my favorite in terms of the design because it just worked out. I definitely want to try making plushes of the rest of the Birds and of the Stupid Pigs.

I got presents too! Look at what Sarah got me:


BY THE WAY, I feel like I ought to mention that in the course of making these things, I realized that I could have really made them into things other than phone charms if I wanted to. They could be keychains! Brooches! Pendants! Earrings! Imagine wearing a couple of those obnoxious angry birds off your earlobes!

On second thoughts, maybe not.
(No, seriously, I CAN make earrings out of them. My mom & sis used to be into handmade jewelry making and we’ve still got all the stuff sitting around the house. I’ve got the jump rings and the metalworking pliers and everything!)


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