Signalboost Post #2: HYBRID, an anthology of Singapore speculative fiction

So, sometime last year, a few of us–part of the Speculative Fiction Writers of Singapore mailing list– thought it would be a swell idea to put together an anthology of speculative fiction in time for the Singapore Writers’ Festival this year. Things transpired, we met, we had a good discussion, and in the end the concept of an anthology based around the theme “HYBRID” was born.

Now, here’s the part where you come in. WE WANT YOU! Or rather, we want your stories, be they scifi, fantasy, or related genres. Hybrid is accepting submissions until midnight April 30th (+8GMT), and we welcome all. SEND US YOUR STORIES!

In a nutshell, what we are looking for are short stories, 2000-6,500 words in length, sci-fi/fantasy/horror/alternate reality/related genres, themed around the anthology concept “HYBRID”, and preferably linked to something about Singapore, or life in Singapore.

Will the stories actually be published in a book?
Yes! That is our goal. We intend to have an actual real can-pick-up-and-flip-through version of the book out in time for the SWF in October this year. How we’re going to manage it, I have no idea, but I think it involves superhuman feats of endurance at some point. There will, of course, be an e-book available as well.

I’ve never written/published anything before. Can I still submit?
Absolutely! We’re not looking for big names, we’re just looking for good stories!

What are the chances my story will get submitted?
We have no freaking idea. It really depends on the number & the quality of the submissions that we get. As a guideline, we’re looking to feature between 15-20 stories in our book.

Will I get any money from it?
That depends! We intend to split the royalties from book sales equally amongst all the authors, but there’s no guarantee the book sales will even cover the costs of printing & distributing the books. You might get back enough money to buy yourself and a friend a nice dinner at a restaurant. Definitely don’t expect the anything that will help with a new iPad or e-reader. Welcome to the life of a writer!


Anyway, just to let you know, I’m the Chief Editor for this project, so if you see me losing copious amounts of hair during the months between May and July, you’ll know why. It’s because I’ll be driving myself nuts chasing my team/my writers/the printers/various other people trying to get it all together… why I do these things to myself, I don’t even know.

So! If the sound of this project interests you, head on over to the SUBMISSION RULES AND GUIDELINES page where you’ll find tons more information, as well as ideas on what we want/don’t want. If you have friends whom you think might be interested in this sort of shindig, send them a link! And of course, if you have any questions, please do send them to where one of us will try our best to answer it.

That is all. Thanks for listening!


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