PSA: Regarding my role in HYBRID, the spec-fic anthology

Earlier today I tweeted that I was dropping out as editor of Hybrid, the spec fic anthology we were planning. I said I’d blog the reasons why.

So. Here I am.

Did you believe me?

Because: April Fool’s!

No, of course I wouldn’t just drop out of the anthology team like that! We’ve already put in so much effort in organizing and promoting it. Submissions have already started to come in! I wouldn’t abandon my team just like that. That would be sad and unfair. Hell, I’m going through a crazy job change right now and my 4-year-old MacBook Pro just fried itself dead and that still isn’t deterring me.

So, fret not. I am still ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. And there’s a month left for submissions: don’t forget that we close for submissions on the 30th of April! Writers: get cracking on those stories! And the rest of the team: GIRD YOUR LOINS for the madness that will be MAY, JUNE, AND JULY. We will be busy, and we will most likely die a painful and lingering death, but at least we will be in it together.

(If you need a refresher: Information about Hybrid INCLUDING submission guidelines.)



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