Unquitting the blogging habit

After nearly a year of not blogging regularly- the idea scuttled by the demands of the newsroom I joined in April 2011, so to speak- I feel the burning need to do so again, just to keep myself in the habit of keeping the words flowing, always.

For now, I will blog here, but I intend to move all my blogging activities to a consolidated arena very, very soon– pretty much as soon as I get around to porting my misshallelujah.net domain to WordPress. There is a dire need to do so as I am getting a story pubbed in a fairly major anthology (by my estimation) and my author bio will point to that destination, so I better fill it up quick. (The site itself hasn’t been updated since, I don’t know, 2010. It is also mortifyingly unprofessional.)

Pretty much going to be a collection of You Can’t Shut June’s Inner Voice Up essays. Basically the same nonsense that makes up my Twitter account, except unfettered by the constraints of brevity and about 150% more shamelessly self-indulgent.

Run away.


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