SORCERY! DIM SUM! AND ASSORTED MAYHEM! Well, sort of. This blog chronicles my life in Singapore, both as a professional creative-type person and as a certified hardcore geek. I post event reports, reviews, and other assorted things that are Relevant To My Interests. These include speculative fiction, playing the ukelele (and other instruments), composing music, photography, videography, art and illustration. May contain traces of Japanese and huge doses of madness. Keep out of reach of children.

(I need to put up one of those Nutritional Information tags for this blog at some point in time.)

About the Blogmistress
Miss Hallelujah, the blogmistress of this little space on the internet, also goes by the moniker JY Yang/Merlin Harkow in pixelspace and by the name June in meatspace. She posts her webfiction at Mischief. Misrule. Miss Hallelujah. and posts her resume/portfolio on her website misshallelujah.net. You may contact her at callmejune@misshallelujah.net


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